Ask The Nutritionist


Hi Rick, I eat Power Bars regularly, sometimes daily. I want to learn more about the ill-effects of preservatives with relation to daily intake. Are preservatives in foods safe to eat?


I completely understand your concern. What I can tell you is that, scientifically speaking, the preservatives found in many processed foods - including your Power Bars - are safe for human consumption based on the information the FDA has today. That said, I am an advocate of organic eating, and I support anyone trying to avoid or decrease preservatives in their foods. The reality is, non-preserved foods spoil easy and fast. The best way to avoid preservatives is to grow a garden in your backyard or visit local, organic farms and stores who sell non-preserved foods. Be prepared to pay more money - and for the food to not look as nice... but you can definitely obtain all of your nutrients through non-preserved foods. Unless you have an allergy to the preservatives, you probably will be fine with your beloved Power Bars.